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Yes, your club and ambassadors can share a sponsor post and receive the revenue connected to the share.

Yes, FRIEND AND FAN can help your club get a sponsor. A sponsor can segment shares in gender,age and location and your club will be paid per share per ambassador, if your clubs ambassadors share a sponsors post.

If a club has 233 likes on Facebook, posts twice in a week, get one share then the two posts reach 368 persons in total on Facebook.

If a club get 8 ambassadors, and it use FRIEND AND FAN then the two posts will reach 5,776 persons in total on Facebook.

Organic VS FRIEND AND FAN reach
The reach increased with 5,408 persons of the two posts when the club use FRIEND AND FAN. The club get both increased control and reach of its content.

Ambassadors are customers, employees, members, friends and fans that automatically share and Retweet relevant news and offers on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Yes, if an ambassador has input his e-mail address. FRIEND AND FAN will send an e-mail with a link to the post at least 24 hours before the post is set to share. The ambassador can then view the post and if the ambassadors does not apply with the share the ambassador can reject the post. The club only get money if the post is shared.

Yes, there will be shared posts from sponsors on your Facebook and the sponsors will pay your club every time there is a share on your Facebook through FRIEND AND FAN.

Yes, all shared posts will be marked as Advertising for sponsor. FRIEND AND FAN make sure that shared sponsored posts will be in accordance with the law.

There are posts clubs want to have a larger reach ie. invitations to open house events, news or posts from sponsor. You can use your ambassadors to share those posts through FRIEND AND FAN. Your club can still post to Facebook without ambassadors like before if you don't want to use the clubs ambassadors.

Yes, your club can have multiple users connected to your club.